With ECHOage and Camp Kirk your child's charity donation can go directly towards their camper fees

At ECHOage, you choose an invitation for your birthday party or event, choose your present and your charity; no shopping, wrapping or second guessing required.

ECHOage is an organization that allows children to fundraise for a charity of their choice.

When hosting a birthday party, or any party for that matter!, guests make an ECHOage donation instead of bringing a present.

The money is then split in half- 50% goes to the child's chosen charity, and 50% is given to the child directly to buy a present of choice.

Everyone wins!

Camp Kirk Summer 2014 canoe trip.

Parents tell us they like this option because their son or daughter gets one significant present.

Guests like it because it saves the hassle of buying a gift.

Camp Kirk is thrilled to receive a donation.

As an ECHOage partner, Camp Kirk will happily allocate your child's charity donation directly towards their camper fees. 

If you'd like to use this form of fundraising, simple follow the prompts on the ECHOage website.

Please select Camp Kirk from the listed of partner charities.

Create your Invitation at ECHOAGE

With plenty of staff support and a non-competitive program, the Camp Kirk experience is tailored to building resiliency and boosting confidence.

Our warm environment allows our campers to truly enjoy the summer - as every kid should!

Special accommodations for children with Learning Disabilities, AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Incontinence/Bedwetting.

Event images courtesy ECHOage