Camp Kirk 2014 Fundraising Wish List

Camp Kirk serves children 6-13 years who have learning disabilities.

To keep the camp accessible to as many children as possible, we have kept our camper fees low while maintaining fiscal responsibility.


Rental of 2 vehicles for the summer to transport campers and equipment for canoe trips and other outdoor adventures: $7,500

A playground structure to be installed in the main area of camp: $39,000

2 new low ropes elements: $3,500

A new slide for the swimming pool: $4,500

Program equipment and supplies -pool toys, art & crafts supplies, ceramics supplies,camping supplies, new utility balls and land toys,basketballs $5,000

Sanitary and cleaning supplies: $1,300

A new 16.6 Prospector canoe for our canoe tripping program: $2,800

A portable stage together with basic lights and tiered seating in our recreation hall: $12,000

A swing set: $13,000

A bouncing castle set: $3,500

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