Our Annual fundraiser "Rock The Summer" was a huge success, largely due to the generous financial support provided by our Corporate Sponsors.

We are happy and very proud to acknowledge our Sponsors and 
we can't thank them enough for their generosity.  

Every penny raised at our event goes to benefit our campers and 
allows us the opportunity to share with them the Camp Kirk magic

On behalf of everyone connected with Camp Kirk, a heartfelt Thank You!

Evening Sponsors 


Supporting Sponsors 

6degrees Integrated Communication, Bell Canada, Keen Point International Inc., Mastermind Educational Toys

Friends of Camp Kirk 

 Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, Centura Floor & Wall Fashions, Heathbridge Capital Management. 

Individual Donors

Pat Bauer
Danny Devito
Evan Leuty
Jennifer Walcott
Judith Conacher
Laura Kropf
Erica Lasher
Esther Lever
Patricia Male
Carmen Mueller
Heather Shanahan
Robert and Ann Shaw
Nhi Thich
Mark (Peter) Argo
Susan Boeckh
Barbara Bower
Anne Brace
Briony Cayley
Douglas & Lynne Cook
Caren Crawford
Elizabeth de Jong
Thomas  Douglas
Ernie & Barb Gutstein
Nick Harris & Bev Watters
Jane Hunter
Kathy Kernohan
Elisabeth Linton
Catherine & Hans Lofgreen
Rand Lomas
Sarah Mills
Elsa & Michael Nowlan
Sarah Pearce
John & Maria Radford
Lynn Saunders
Sharon & Lyle Vanclief
Gillian Wallace
Dorothy Wolfson
Michael Douglas
David Mortisugu
Michelle Carvalho
Gordon and Christel Barrett
Winifrede Burry
Kimberly Cudney
Andrew Davidson
Diane Hanson
Wendy Lawrence
Brian McGrath
Sydney McMorran
Julia & Bill Scott
Ann Tottenham
Bridget Smith
Judge Felstine
Shon Wilkie & Catherine Henderson
 Camp Ponacka
Janice White
David Howe
David Howe
Richard & Marjorie Sharpe
Shantelle Bisson
Jon & Nancy Love
William & Jane Samis
The Sharp Foundation
Richard Wernham
Peter Dalton.