What a night we had on November 5th!

I am happy to report that this year’s event raised over $172,000, leaving us with a net revenue of approximately $120,000 for the children of Camp Kirk. All of this was made possible because of your generosity and your support. I have to commend our Organizing Committee, headed by our enthusiastic and resourceful Debbie Bongard. It is an awful lot of work to put an event like this together and she lead the charge along with the rest of the team and it all culminated to a fantastic evening.

Next year’s event will be celebrating Camp Kirk’s 25th Anniversary and it promises to be a very exciting and entertaining evening, totally different than what we’ve had in the past. Please stay tuned for additional information and do keep your November 2017 calendar open because you won’t want to miss this celebration.

On behalf of everyone involved with Camp Kirk, especially our Board of Directors, our campers and their families, I want to thank you again for caring and for your generous support. Children with exceptionalities, particularly “invisible” ones such as Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders, desperately need the Camp Kirk experience where they can discover their strengths and given opportunities to shine. As my friend Bob McDerment always said: “Learning Disabilities don’t kill, they merely ruin lives…” There is no cure for these exceptionalities, however I’m here to tell you that the Camp Kirk experience can go a long way in providing these children the tools they need to become the best that they can be. I hope you will continue to support our efforts and that you will share our passion with friends and relatives and help us grow the Camp Kirk family.


Henri Audet


2016 Event Volunteer Committee

Henri Audet • Jane Audet • Debbie Bongard (chair) • Jamie Bunston • Erica Coutts • Barb Glennie • Cate Gulyas • Christine McDonald • Richard Niman • Siobhan O’Sullivan • Kayla Wratschko.


We kindly thank our Sponsors for their support!